An Active Winter Outdoors: Tackle New Activities


When the daylight gets shorter and the temperature drops, it can be especially challenging to get inspired to exercise. Venturing outdoors is a good option, physically and mentally. It allows you to breathe fresh air, see different sites and move your body in various ways. Here are some reminders on how to stay comfortable outside:

Wear the proper winter attire. Dress in layers and wear warm boots or footwear that have grips to prevent from slipping on ice. Don’t forget your hat and gloves.

Don’t overlook your backyard. Make family memories while you’re out there. Make snow angels and snowmen, build forts, throw snowballs, play games, paint the snow, blow bubbles, or hang homemade bird feeders.

Try something new. A favorite summer spot can look totally different covered in snow. Connect with friends or family who enjoy an activity you’d like to try.

Get a good calorie burn. Try tackling cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or winter mountain biking. Don’t forget: shoveling also packs a big calorie burn.

And if being indoors is more your style, there are plenty of opportunities to help you stay active:

Try a new fitness center class.

Walk a local shopping center or mall.

Create a fitness space in your home. You can use your own body weight or get a fitness ball, yoga mat, and a few weights.

Whatever you choose to do this winter, remember--regular exercise is essential to a healthy and happy life. Finding activities you enjoy will help you be more successful.