How to Get Kids Cooking in the Kitchen

Research shows when kids are allowed to help prepare the food they eat, they’re more likely to try the foods they create. Getting kids in the kitchen and experimenting with new foods increases the chance they’ll also actually eat it.

Try these techniques to get them involved:

  • Don’t be nervous. Yes, there are knives and sanitation issues, but kids need to learn somehow, and you’re there to help.
  • Make it fun with a fun attitude – and expect a little mess. Give the food fun names, turn on some music, put on an apron, and make them feel like a chef.
  • Invite them to help with some of the prep work, including rinsing fruits and vegetables or using kitchen shears or a vegetable peeler. Some of these tools are good for brain development, too.
  • Once your child has safely mastered those steps, move on to using knives and large kitchen gadgets, such as a blender.

The best part is having your helpers try the fruits of their labor and watching them try new foods. Use the prep time to explain the health benefits of the new foods. You just never know what kids might end up liking. Even the pickiest of eaters may surprise you. So go ahead – try something new and get your kids cooking in the kitchen.