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Yes, you can be a part of Chippewa Valley Family.

We welcome community writing, photos, or even just a good idea.

Thanks for your interest in Chippewa Valley Family. It takes a lot of great people to pull together a good local magazine and website, which means we’re always up for hearing from readers and writers about their ideas or their work. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Want to contribute?

Our publication is made by people just like you from throughout the Chippewa Valley who want to help others discover the great family-oriented happenings and stories of the area. You can write just once or you can pitch us a whole series of ideas, whatever works for you. It can be a long or short article, a viewpoint essay, or something in between. Contributions are generally unpaid, but a fun way to connect with your community.

Just have an idea to share?

We’d love to hear it. You can just give us the gist and we’ll take it from there. It could be as simple as your favorite place to take the kids or an important community issue affecting families here that needs more attention. Email or call us anytime.

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How the CVF Editorial Process Works

People who hope to contribute often ask, "So... how does this work? Do I pitch story ideas and run with them, or do you assign specific ones to me?"

It’s actually a little bit of both.

Chippewa Valley Family relies heavily on its body of contributors to let us know what's going on in the community. Everyone has their ear to the ground when it comes to family (in some way), and this operates as a kind of beat system. So when contributors and friends of CVF give us leads to stories, we sometimes deem them as important to cover and allow a trusted writer to move on them.

The more common process is as follows:

  • Our magazine comes out every two months, so the first week of the cycle is when we plan the next issue and the writers have roughly a little over three weeks to complete. (We finish the design of the issue roughly five to seven days before it comes out.)
  • After the issue is planned, our managing editor starts seeking writers for the stories. Some are assigned to people who have an affinity/expertise on a specific subject, while others are of general interest open for anyone to write.
  • Guides and special sections operate on a totally different cycle that requires a starting date sometimes months in advance and completion dates at least a week before the issue deadline (for now, these are rare for CVF).

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