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Taking Care of Teeth: Martin Dental

Martin Dental offers spa amenities to patients, which can help with dental anxiety 

Going to the dentist can be nerve-racking, stressful, and – for some people – anxiety-inducing. 

That’s one of the many reasons Jessica Martin, co-owner of Martin Dental, decided to pair her background in school psychology with dentistry and offer spa amenities to patients during their treatments. Together, she and her husband Dr. Tony Martin work to make the dental experience more enjoyable for everyone – from people aged one to 101. 

“We want you to show up with everyone excited to see you, and know who you are, and that the little details matter.”

“So many people are anxious about dentistry or have had traumatic experiences as children or even as adults,” Jessica said. “So I really got to thinking that we could do it better than it’s typically done.” 

Martin Dental is the only dental spa in the area that can effectively address dental anxiety by offering spa amenities to patients. Some of these snazzy pampers include a heated neck wrap, a regular or weighted blanket, a knee pillow, lumbar support, heated chairs, massage chairs, mini-massages from the clinical team, noise-cancelling headphones, and a cooled cucumber eye mask – all complimentary to the patient. The office also features calming decor and essential oils to make the experience more soothing for patients. 

“I’m really proud to be able to provide exceptional dental care to patients who truly value it,” said Dr. Tony Martin. “Having spa amenities and being able to address dental anxiety in a genuine way really helps people get the care they need.” 

“In particular, children appreciate the ability to make choices about their own dental experiences,” Jessica Martin said. “Kids really, really like having autonomy, so being able to choose what they want from the spa checklist is really exciting for them. And we’re also proud to give kids really positive experiences early on.” 

Each dental exam begins with a comprehensive intake questionnaire to determine the patient’s comfort level regarding dental care. Patients are asked about past experiences with various aspects of a dental exam. Martin Dental has an old-school, personalized approach to patient care, complete with the latest technologies including digital X-rays with intraoral cameras, television monitors in each treatment room for entertainment and to explain images to patients, ultrasonic scalers, and a state-of-the-art sterilization facility. The enthusiastic response to the dental-spa approach has led to a boom in demand for care at Martin Dental.  

As such, the team is excited to announce they are moving locations – about three miles away from their current office – to a building that is three times the size and set on a scenic wooded lot.

Martin Dental also added a new doctor to the team – Dr. Luke Viall. In the new office, there will be a spa lounge with massage chairs and meditation music for those who are waiting for loved ones or waiting to get a crown completed. But, all these exciting changes won’t alter their personal approach to dental care. 

“I feel like I’m working with friends and family,” said office manager Tiffany. “This is truly an extension of my family, and our patients are wonderful.” 

Though Martin Dental offers many spectacular dental experiences, quality dentistry is still their number one focus. “Quality dentistry is super, super important to us,” Jessica said. “We do dentistry, but we do it in such a way that is amazing for the patient, and the experience is something you can’t get anywhere else.” 

“We always want to remain that place that people feel cared about and feel like people know them,” Jessica added. “As a patient, we want you to show up with everyone excited to see you, and know who you are, and that the little details matter.”

Martin Dental

New Address: 912 N. Hillcrest Parkway, Altoona 
(715) 835-8311




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