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Taking Care of Teeth: Menomonie Street Dental

A new look, cutting-edge advancements, and beautiful views make Menomonie Street Dental stand out

Menomonie Street Dental has a whole new look – inside and out – but the goal is the same as ever: Keep patients comfortable, confident, and ready to smile.
Menomonie Street Dental has a whole new look – inside and out – but the goal is the same as ever: Keep patients comfortable, confident, and ready to smile.

It’s hard to beat the view at Menomonie Street Dental. For generations, the practice has been snuggled among the trees on the southern edge of Carson Park in Eau Claire – a truly nice little chunk of land. Each room in the place has huge windows facing the nearby wooded hillside with birds flying around, squirrels chattering, natural light … a far cry from the dimly-lit, blank-slate dentist’s offices of yore.

“That’s something people comment on every day,” says Dr. Kari Peper. “People say they don’t want to leave because they love the view so much.”

But for how good the outside of Menomonie Street Dental is, the inside is even better. Since last year, the building has been remodeled floor-to-ceiling, inside and out. The whole office has a sleek and modern feel to it, and the very best equipment to match the outstanding care patients get with every visit.

“When you’re surrounded by the best equipment and technologies, things just work seamlessly.”

“Our existing patients have always trusted the care they’re receiving here, but the remodel is really a draw for new patients too,” said Dr. Brittany Huiras. “They know we have top of the line equipment, new technology, a brand new facility, in addition to everything we’re already offering. It’s the total package.”

Drs. Peper and Huiras were both hired in 2017, adding their extensive experience and technique to the roster of respected dentists at Menomonie Street Dental. Dr. Huiras, a Western Wisconsin native and UWEC grad, got her Doctorate from the Marquette University School of Dentistry, with the highest academic distinction. Dr. Peper is from Neenah originally, before graduating from UW-Madison and getting her Doctorate from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

In addition to Drs. Eric Carlson and Derek Rognlien, the four hard-working doctors are all about taking on new challenges, diving into new developments in the world of dentistry, and bringing that expertise back to the team.

“It’s always been a collaboration between the four of us,” says Dr. Peper. “We all have different personality types, different areas of specialty, and different things that excite us about dentistry. It’s nice to have that collaborative environment through the past, the present, and moving on into the future.”

Though the team has an impressive level of expertise and deep knowledge in the field – they’re young. They’re full of energy, eager to learn more, and ready to give patients the best care in the Chippewa Valley. That energy combined with the cutting-edge technology around them really makes the practice stand out.

“We’re open to new things; new technologies don’t scare us,” Dr. Huiras said. “When you feel good, you do good things. When you’re surrounded by the best equipment and technologies, things just work seamlessly.”

Menomonie Street Dental has invested so much in their practice – from their building to their team – because they truly want the best for their patients: Compassionate guidance, precise work, and individualized care so everyone leaves confident and smiling.

Menomonie Street Dental

1020 Menomonie Street, Eau Claire
(715) 834-8161




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