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Family Finances: Royal Credit Union’s Money Donuts Podcast Offers Sweet Advice

podcast helps listeners get the most bang out of their bucks in snack-sized bits

Learn sweet financial advice – wrapped in raised, glazed goodness – with Royal Credit Union’s Money Donuts podcast, which aims to make financial planning just as wonderful as enjoying a delicious donut.

The frosting on top is the show’s down-to-earth podcast hosts: Steve Dayton, Cooper Larson, and James Plendl, who talk through tough financial topics such as banking apps and how to best use them, banking security, home loans, setting SMART goals, mindful money practices, credit scores, and more. They bring in experts on many of the topics and take occasional detours to share personal insights and tips that make listening to this podcast a treat.

“There is truly something for everyone,” Cooper said. “We have real conversations and often learn from each other as we’re talking. By sharing real life examples, mistakes, and accomplishments, we connect with listeners by sharing situations they have probably been in themselves.”

If you don’t have time to listen to a full episode with your busy schedule, check out their Donut Holes – bite-sized pieces of the Money Donuts podcast that squeeze a few pieces of key advice into just a few minutes.

“They come with you wherever you go,” Cooper said. “From the car to the gym or a trip around the grocery store, the short episodes and bite-sized donut holes make them easy to fit in.”

“Part of the reason we started Money Donuts was the education factor. We wanted to help everyone understand more about money and finances in a fun and accessible way.” –James Plendl, Royal Credit Union

If you’re looking for specific financial tips, you can check out the nine full episodes of Money Donuts (such as “Discover Money Mindfulness” and “Don’t Be Scared Of Budgeting”) or eight Donut Hole episodes (including “Best Ways To Use Your Tax Refund” and “The Subscription Service Showdown”) – or tune in on most podcast streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or online at

“Part of the reason we started Money Donuts was the education factor,” James said. “We wanted to help everyone understand more about money and finances in a fun and accessible way. To me, the experiences we talk about on Money Donuts present an opportunity to share information in a conversational setting. Just honest discussions and good, solid money advice like you’d get from a friend – a little bit outside of what you’d expect from a credit union or bank.”

And that’s precisely what you get from Royal Credit Union: above-average attention and financial resources to help you get the most bang for your buck. Royal Credit Union is a source you can trust. It can be tough to know what’s truthful and accurate, but Royal Credit Union’s team of talented financial specialists can help you with home loans, auto loans, security resources, and so much more.

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