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Get a Look at These Ginormous Pumpkins!

festival on Sept. 25 to honor the chonkiest gourds

If you’re looking to see some seriously gargantuan gourds, check out this year’s River Prairie Ginormous Pumpkin Festival in Altoona from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, Sept. 25, where you can see 1,000-pound-plus pumpkins compete in whopping weigh-offs, go on a pumpkin run, give a pumpkin dessert contest a try (pumpkin pie, anyone?), or splash along with a rubber ducky race. Wondering just how “ginormous” these pumpkins can be? The chonkiest pumpkin in Wisconsin as of 2019 was gourd from Gays Mills that weighed a whopping 2,283 pounds. Think it can be beat this year? Check out more about this year’s Giant Pumpkin Fest at

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